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Interior design idea for this post will go from Vancouver. Designers from different regions have various individual features. Houzz helps to find best interior designers by location, so it is much better than search engines. Professional site with the variety of styles and ideas is perfect for hungry people in designs. So interior design Vancouver is inspired from Houzz.

Idea number one is using the world map instead of patterns or one color. If you adore travelling or dream about it then this black and white map is an interesting idea. As you may noticed the bed has no headboard, so you should bother with finding upholstered headboard or carved wooden. The simpler the bed used for modern design the better. Additional decorations are natural and no detail of chic or luxury. Modern design is loved my many homeowners, because it is free of busy life and rush that we feel and see daily. Moreover, the benefit in such style is the cheap price of decorating. I can’t even imagine what can be the hardest thing to find in the bedroom. The black floor lamp is sold in any store, wooden table is also not a challenge and low bed can be ordered by the phone.

Use different shapes of the light fixtures with same design idea. Three lamps is the basic combination that is used above the dining tables, so that all family members would be comfortable with enough amount of light. It is not relaxing to stay in the dark. So Vancouver designers decided to use different light fixture in the center. The dining room looks interesting and the accent lamp is easy to do yourself when thinking about remodeling the room.

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Author: zvezdochka

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